Subtraction Worksheets for Kindergarten

Subtraction Worksheets for Kindergarten

Welcome to our selection of kindergarten subtraction worksheets! Through our various PDF worksheet activities your student will learn to understand and perform subtraction.

The worksheets introduce subtraction using concrete objects before advancing to subtraction using numbers only.

Once your child has grasped the concept of subtraction you can move on to our selection of word problems (included below), which will help them apply the concept of subtraction to the real world.

The different methods used in our worksheets will make math more engaging while helping to build a strong mathematical foundation.

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Subtract the Objects and Write the Answer (Printable PDFs with answer keys)

Subtracting with objects helps a child understand what it means to “take away.” In these worksheets, your kindergartener will visualize the subtraction problem and then write down the numerical answer.

Count the Objects, Write the Subtraction Equation, and Solve (Printable PDFs with answer keys)

Here you’ll find two different types of worksheets. First, your learner will practice crossing off objects and writing the answer to basic subtraction problems. Next, they’ll practice counting objects and writing the full subtraction problem before finding and writing the solution.

Subtract with Number Lines (Printable PDFs with answer keys)

Number lines help students visualize the relationship between numbers in order. Have them find the first number in the subtraction problem and place their pencil above it on the number line. Then, hop backward like a bunny the second number of times to find the solution to the problem!

Subtract within 5 and 10 (Printable PDFs with answer keys)

Now that your student understands how to subtract using objects and a number line it’s time to show them subtraction written in math language. We call this a mathematical expression. Practice subtraction both vertically and horizontally in the worksheets below.

Subtraction Word Problems (Printable PDFs with answer keys)