Absolute Value Worksheets

Absolute Value Worksheets

Below you’ll find our absolute value worksheets. Absolute value is like playing a game called “How Far Away?” In this game, the goal is to find out how many steps a number is from zero on a number line.

When we find the absolute value of a number, we write it with two vertical lines, like this: |5| or |-3|. These lines are like asking, “How far away is this number from zero?” For example:

  1. |5| means “How far away is 5 from zero?” The answer is 5 because 5 is 5 steps to the right of zero.
  2. |-3| means “How far away is -3 from zero?” The answer is 3 because -3 is 3 steps to the left of zero.

Remember, we only care about the number of steps, not the direction. So the absolute value is always a positive number or zero.

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Absolute Value Worksheets - Basic Concepts (Printable PDFs)

There are four printable worksheets in this group. Students first write the absolute values for values like |-6| to gain a basic understanding of how absolute value works. The next section asks students to compare two absolute values and mark if one is greater, less than or equal to the other value. Each worksheet includes an answer key.

Absolute Value Worksheets - Compare and Order (Printable PDFs)

For the first 10 questions on each worksheet, students circle the number with the greatest value. In the second section, they will place the numbers in the order of least to greatest. Includes answer key.

Absolute Value Addition and Subtraction Problems (Printable PDFs)

This set of six worksheets includes absolute value addition and subtraction problems that get progressively harder. The first worksheet starts off with problems like “|-4| + 6” and progresses to double digit problems like “|47| – 39”. Includes answer key.

Absolute Value Multiple Operations - Addition and Subtraction (Printable PDFs)

This section of six worksheets takes addition and subtraction of absolute values to the next level, including multiple operations. Students will solve problems like “|3-7| + |-2+5| and progress to more complex absolute value problems like “|62-26| + |-16-10|”. Includes answer key.

Absolute Value Worksheets that include variables (Printable PDFs)

This is an introduction to absolute value and simple variables. Students solve for the variable. Worksheets include an answer key.

Absolute Value Questions (Printable PDFs)

Students answer a variety of questions like “what number is equal to the absolute value of -72?” Answer keys included.