Fraction Strips

Fraction Strips

Fraction strips are an educational tool used to help children understand fractions, which are parts of a whole. Imagine a set of colored paper strips, all the same length but divided into different numbers of equal parts—some in halves, thirds, fourths, and so on. These strips visually represent fractions, making it easier for kids to grasp the concept. For example, a strip divided into two shows halves, while another divided into four shows quarters.

Using these strips, children can easily compare different fractions, see how they add up or subtract, and understand equivalent fractions (like one-half is the same as two-fourths). This hands-on, visual method is great for learning because it turns abstract numbers into something children can see and touch, making complex ideas like fractions much simpler to understand. Be sure to check out our fractions worksheets!

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Fraction Strips (Printable PDFs)

Here you’ll find our printable fraction bars. You’ll find full-color and black-and-white options. We offer PDFs that have each fraction written in standard form (numerator over denominator)and others that use the fraction words. We even have a fillable option, so students can make their own fraction strips.