Bubble Numbers

Bubble Numbers

Bubble numbers (also known as bubble fonts or bubble numerals) are a fun and engaging way for children to learn their numbers. The 13 Bubble Number Templates below provide a perfect backdrop for a variety of preschool activities.

Use these worksheets as coloring or tracing pages for students who are comfortable holding a pencil. Then, have them practice their cutting skills by cutting the bubble numbers out!

For children who can’t yet hold a pencil, these bubble numbers are great for several fine motor activities. Have your student trace the numbers with a painty finger, fill them with beans, or color them with chunky crayons.

Check out our color by numbers coloring pages too!

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Bubble Numbers 1-12

Here we’ve included 13 free bubble number activity sheets! These preschool math worksheets are great for students just learning their numbers and number words. Use them to help with number recognition and fine motor skills. All of these worksheets are free to use and reproduce for at-home and classroom use!