Percentages Worksheets

Percentages Worksheets

Is your student having trouble calculating percentages? Converting percents to decimals and decimals to percents?

Below you’ll find our selection of percent worksheets separated by grade and topic. We cover calculating percents by having students answer questions like, “_% of 60 is 30,” and “20% of _ is 15.”

We also cover converting percents to decimals and decimals to percents. Lastly, we offer percent word problems, so students can apply their knowledge about percents to real-life.

Working through all of the worksheets below will help your student gain a grasp on percents and become a more confident problem solver. Be sure to check out our Fractions Worksheets too!

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Percentage Worksheets By Topic

Here you’ll find 18 worksheets. Students will find the percent of a number, the missing percent in a percent statement, and the missing value in a percent statement.

Here you'll find 18 conversion worksheets. These practice worksheets will help your student understand the relationship between decimals and percentages.

Here you'll find 6 percent word problem worksheets. These are designed to help your student with critical thinking and problem-solving skills related to percentages.