7th Grade Math Worksheets

7th Grade Math Worksheets

Is your seventh grader having trouble with Pythagorean Theorem or simplifying expressions? How about inequalities or dividing fractions?

Below you’ll find hundreds of printable seventh-grade math worksheets that cover all the basic concepts your student will need to learn. We cover pre-algebra, geometry, fractions, and more.

You’ll find worksheets for area and perimeter, as well as volume and surface area. We even have decimal conversion charts that can be printed and placed in a folder or displayed on a wall!

NOTE: We are in the process of adding more 7th Grade Math focused worksheets below. Please check back for additional worksheets! For now, you’ll find linked worksheets that can align with a 7th grade curriculum.

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7th Grade Math Worksheets by Topic

Geometry is taught in depth in the 7th grade. Here, the concepts you'll find are area and perimeter of various shapes, identifying parts of a circle and calculating the circumference, Pythagorean Theorem, volume and surface area of various shapes, and angles.

Here you'll find a variety of pre-algebra concepts for 7th graders. These will consist of exponents, roots, inequalities, simplifying expressions and more.

Here your student will practice writing the absolute value of a number. Absolute value is the actual value of a number without regard to a positive or negative sign. In other words, its distance from zero along real number lines.

Once your student knows how to multiply fractions, they can move onto dividing fractions. They need to know how to multiply because the process for dividing fractions includes multiplication. Click on this link to learn more and for a variety of worksheets including dividing common denominators and unlike denominators.

Here you'll find a chart with fraction to decimal conversions as well as a handful of practice worksheets.