7th Grade Algebra Worksheets

7th Grade Algebra Worksheets

Printable worksheets for 7th Grade Algebra!

Our seventh-grade Algebra worksheets will help your students understand how to simplify expressions, solve variable equations, use slope-intercept form, and more! With over 200 worksheets to choose from, you’ll find enough practice to answer questions like:

  • How do you convert exponents to regular numbers?
  • What does m stand for in y=mx+b?
  • What are square roots and cube roots?

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Note: All worksheets include an answer key.

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7th Grade Algebra Topics (Printable PDFs)

Understanding exponents is essential for mathematical skills. This link takes you to our worksheets consisting of several exponents practice sheets.

These worksheets are for your student to practice learning square roots, cube roots and more.

This worksheet section has many worksheets where your student will learn to solve inequality expressions. These will include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Here you'll find a worksheets for your student to learn and practice combining like terms by turning expressions into simpler, more manageable ones.

Here we provide a collection of beginner-friendly to advanced practice variable equation worksheets.

This link will take you to slope-intercept form worksheets. Your student will practice expressing the equation of a line in the form y = mx + b.