Variable Equations Worksheets

Variable Equations Worksheets

In algebra, variable equations are used to solve real-world problems. Variable equations are just mathematical sentences that include letters (variables), and they help us find the missing piece(s) in a puzzle.

By using letters, we can create equations that describe different situations. Solving these equations is like playing detective; we’re on a mission to figure out what number the variable represents.

Variable equations help us model and solve problems, turning math into a fun and practical tool for understanding the world around us! However, they can be a little tricky at first, which is why we’ve created this group of worksheets – to give you practice and help you become a successful variable equation solver!

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One-Step Equations with Variables on One Side: Multiplication and Division (Printable PDFs)

Now that you’ve mastered one-step equations using addition and subtraction, take your Algebra skills to the next level. You’ll solve the variable equations in these worksheets using multiplication and division. Don’t forget to keep your equation balanced! Whatever you do on one side of the equals sign MUST be done on the other.

Two-Step Equations with Variables on One Side (Printable PDFs)

Now that you’ve mastered solving one-step equations it’s time to combine what you know. With these ‘Two-Step Equations with Variables on One Side’ worksheets, you’ll use a combination of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to find the value of the variable. Remember to follow the order of operations… but in reverse. Undo addition or subtraction first! Then undo the multiplication or division.

Two-Step Equations with Variables on Two Sides (Printable PDFs)

Enhance your skills in solving equations by solving Two-Step Equations with Variables on Both Sides! These may seem more difficult, but all you have to do is use addition or subtraction once to get all the variable terms to one side. Then, do the same to move the non-variable term to the opposite side. If you’ve mastered the other worksheets on this page, you’ll know exactly what to do from here!