Mean, Median, Mode & Range Worksheets

Mean, Median, Mode & Range Worksheets

Welcome to our mean, median, mode and range worksheets! We’ve organized activities into three sections, each building upon the previous one, to help young learners grasp these essential concepts with increasing depth and precision.

In our first section, you’ll find worksheets that focus on each concept individually. Then you’ll find mean, median, mode, and range worksheets that include only whole numbers. Here the student will need to perform all four calculations for a given set of numbers.

Once you or your student have become comfortable with the concepts you’ll be able to do more advanced calculations with our one, two, and three-decimal worksheets.

For help performing each calculation, click the ‘+’ below!

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Mean, Median, Mode, and Range for Beginners (Printable PDFs)

Welcome to our beginner-friendly worksheets introducing mean, median, mode, and range. These exercises gently cover calculating averages, identifying middle and most frequent values, and understanding the range in a set of numbers. Perfect for students starting their statistical journey.

Mean, Median, Mode & Range - Three Decimal Places (Printable PDFs)

Next, we’ve included a section that asks students to find the mean, median, mode and range for numbers that include up to 3 decimal places. Being able to accurately keep track of numbers with 3 decimal places will challenge and enhance your student’s attention to detail –  a skill that is valuable in math and real life!