Place Value Charts

Place Value Charts

Welcome to our printable place value charts!
Place value using the Base 10 Number System is a foundational math concept. However, it can be confusing for young learners. Understanding place value means knowing the value of each digit in a number.

For example: In the number 123 it’s important to understand that the 1 represents 100, the 2 represents 20, and the 3 represents 3.

Our free place value charts will help your students be able to see, understand, and identify place values. You’ll find charts below for whole numbers as well as decimals. We also have charts that help with rounding and activities for place value practice.

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Place Value Charts with Whole Numbers

Below you’ll find two different place-value charts. The first chart shows how the value of ‘one’ changes based on its position in a number. The second chart shows the different place values of a given 7-digit number. Both are colorful and include a base-ten block visual representation of place value.

Place Value Charts with Decimals

Below you’ll find two different place-value charts including place values from thousands down to thousandths. These place-value with decimals charts are perfect to hang on classroom walls or to pull out during time with a specific student.

Place Value Charts for Patterns, Rounding & Comparing

Below you’ll find place-value charts for patterns. One shows how going up in place value multiplies by 10 and going down in place value divides by 10. Another chart helps students understand the use of place value in rounding. Our final chart helps students understand the use of place value in comparing numbers.

Place Value Practice Activities

In this section, we’ve provided some place value activities worksheets. These will instruct students to apply what they know about place value to compare numbers, round numbers, and indicate the value of a digit based on its placement in a number.