Square Roots, Cube, 4th,5th,6th Roots

Square Roots, Cube, 4th,5th,6th Roots

Roots undo exponents just like multiplication undoes division and addition undoes subtraction.

Exponents tell you what you get when you multiply the same number by itself a certain amount of times. Roots start with the answer and work backwards.

Roots allow a larger number to ask, “What was the smaller number that got multiplied over and over to equal me?” They help us solve problems when we know the result of an exponent but want to know the original base number.

If you need to practice or review roots to improve your skill, then these worksheets are exactly what you’re looking for!

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Square Roots (Printable PDFs)

Begin exploring the basic concept of roots by finding the square root of different numbers. To find the answer to each problem just ask yourself, “What number multiplied by itself equals the number under the radical?” The answer to that question will be the solution to your problem!

Cube Roots (Printable PDFs)

If you understand square roots, it’s time to dive deeper. Practice and refine your skills in these ‘Cube Roots’ worksheets. Here you’ll find the answer to this question – “What smaller number would I have to write down 3 times, then multiply together to equal the larger number under the radical?”

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Roots (Printable PDFs)

‘Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Roots’ function the same way as square and cube roots. Just take the concepts you’ve already mastered, and use them to further undo repeated multiplication with these higher-order roots worksheets.

Practice Roots (Printable PDFs)

If you understand how to solve roots but need some extra practice, these worksheets are what you’re looking for. Each sheet includes its own combination of square, cube, and higher-order roots. If you need some extra help, check out the “Understanding Roots” tab near the top of the page.