Inequalities Worksheets

Inequalities Worksheets

Welcome to the world of inequalities! We write mathematical sentences, called inequality expressions, when two things aren’t exactly equal to each other.

Imagine you’re making cupcakes for a bake sale and the school tells you to make at least 24. That means you need to make 24 or more. In math language we would say the amount of cupcakes you need to make has to be ≥ 24 (greater than or equal to 24).

Inequalities are just like variable equations. They’re super handy and solving them is simple. Follow the same process you used to solve variable equations with an equal sign, with one exception. If you ever have to multiply or divide both sides by a negative number, make sure to point the inequality sign the opposite way!

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Adding and Subtracting Inequalities (Printable PDFs)

Our ‘Adding and Subtracting Inequalities’ worksheets will help you build your confidence in solving inequalities. You’ll isolate variables on one side of the equation using only the operations of addition and subtraction. Once you’ve mastered these exercises, make sure you check out our worksheets on solving inequalities using multiplication and division.

Practice Solving Inequalities (Printable PDFs)

Get more practice solving inequalities with our one-to-two-step inequalities worksheets! You or your student will use the basis skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to isolate the variable. Tip: If the variable has a minus sign in front of it, start by adding the variable term to both sides. That way you won’t have to divide by a negative number and remember to flip the inequality. Happy solving!