Simplifying Expressions Worksheets

Simplifying Expressions Worksheets

Simplifying expressions makes our mathematical problems easier to handle and understand. Imagine having a messy pile of pens, pencils, and markers. It would be hard to manage, but if you could put all the pens in one jar, pencils in another, and markers in a third it would be easy to find what you’re looking for.

Simplifying expressions involves combining like terms (terms that look the same), like in our example above. What makes them look the same is the variable(s) and exponent(s) they include.

Through our selection of worksheets you’ll turn complex expressions into simpler, more manageable ones, which will give you an essential tool in your Algebra-expertise tool belt!

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Combine Like Terms for Beginners (Printable PDFs)

These “Combining Like Terms” Worksheets will ease you into the process of simplifying expressions. Remember, terms are the individual groups of letters and numbers, including the addition or subtraction symbol in front of each. If a variable (letter) has no number in front of it, you can put a 1 there. Ex: 6x-x means 6x-1x = 5x.

Combine Like Terms for Experienced Learners (Printable PDFs)

Have you mastered the “Combining Like Terms for Beginners” Worksheets? Then, you’re ready for more of a challenge. These worksheets include 3 or more terms and get progressively harder with each sheet. However, each term will only include up to one variable and no exponents.

Practice Simplifying Expressions (Printable PDFs)

Need more practice simplifying expressions? Each worksheet below includes expressions that are both easy and challenging to simplify. If you need to use distribution, don’t forget: When the number on the outside has a minus sign in front of it, that has to be distributed too! Ex: -5(4x-7) = -5(4x)–5(7) = -20x+35.