Slope-Intercept Form Worksheets

Slope-Intercept Form Worksheets

Welcome to our collection of “Slope-Intercept Form” worksheets! Slope-intercept form is a very useful way of writing the equation of a straight line. It quickly allows you to see where the equation crosses the y-axis (the one that goes up and down), whether the graph points up or down, and how steep it is.

Slope-intercept form is written y=mx+b where ‘m’ is the variable that tells you the slope of the line, and ‘b’ tells you the y-intercept.

In these worksheets you’ll use slope-intercept form to graph linear equations. You can click on the ‘+’ below for an explanation of how to plot your line, but here’s a tip. If you come across an equation that says x=_, just plot two points where x=the given number. Draw a line through those two points and voila. You’re done!

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Graph Lines in Slope-Intercept Form (Printable PDFs)

Practice plotting lines with these simple slope-intercept form worksheets! Start by plotting your y-intercept (b) then use the slope (m) to find a second point. Once you have those points on your graph, draw a line through them, put an arrow on each end, and you’re done!