Subtraction Word Problems

Subtraction Word Problems

Welcome to our subtraction word problems worksheets!

Subtraction is the act of “taking away” or “finding the difference.” In the worksheets below, students will apply what they’ve learned about subtraction to real-life situations.

Word problems are a great way to solidify concepts in the minds of young learners because they use multiple parts of the brain. Word problems cause students to think critically. They also enhance reading comprehension and language development.

We offer 36 word problems spread across nine worksheets. Once your students have mastered these problems, check out our other subtraction worksheets!

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Subtraction Word Problems for Beginners (Printable PDFs)

Each worksheet below includes two different types of subtraction word problems. Students will use subtraction to find the difference between two numbers. They will also use subtraction to find what’s left over when a certain number of items are removed from a group.