Addition Worksheets for Kindergarten

Addition Worksheets for Kindergarten

Using the Kindergarten addition worksheets below, you’ll be engaging in a structured learning approach to teaching your child basic addition skills. The activities are tailored for kindergarten-level students and are designed to help them connect written numbers with real-world objects.

Overall, this program is designed to gradually build up your child’s understanding of addition, starting with tangible objects and moving to the more abstract concept of numerals.

We also offer some simple word problem worksheets, which will help your child apply math to the real world and enhance their critical thinking skills. Check out our Kindergarten subtraction worksheets too!

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Learning to Add Using Objects and Numerals (Printable PDFs)

Learning to add things like toys or apples helps kindergarten kids understand what numbers mean in real life. It’s like they’re connecting the dots between numbers and actual things they can see and touch. The worksheets below allow kids to practice adding objects and will then move on to adding actual numerals.

Kindergarten Addition - Make 5 through 10 (Printable PDFs)

Using pictures helps addition make sense, especially for kindergarteners. In these worksheets we’ll show your child how to add numbers up to 10 using objects they know and love. Then, they’ll have a chance to show off their math and art skills by drawing their own addition pictures!

Kindergarten Addition with Number Lines

Number lines allow us to visually represent the order of numbers and how they relate to each other, making addition concepts clearer. This approach helps kids grasp the idea of adding numbers sequentially. Have them find the first number on the number line and put their pencil there. Then, hop like a bunny the second number of spaces to the right to find the answer!

Kindergarten Addition Problems with Sums to 5 and 10 (Printable PDFs)

Here, students will start solving problems that have sums up to 5, then gradually move on to sums up to 10. This progressive approach helps to build the child’s skills in a step-by-step manner, making sure they are comfortable with easier problems before moving on to more challenging ones.

Kindergarten Addition Problems with Sums to 20 (Printable PDFs)

Here, we’ll take it up a notch by introducing addition problems that go up to the sum of 20, offering a more advanced level of difficulty for students to tackle. Being able to add horizontally and vertically is important, so make sure you try at least one of each type of worksheet!

Kindergarten Addition Word Problems (Printable PDFs)

Simple kindergarten addition word problems are an excellent way to encourage critical thinking and problem-solving. Further apply addition skills to real-life by making up addition problems as you go about your day. Putting toys away and adding apple slices to lunch are great time to practice real world addition!