Triple Digit Subtraction Without Regrouping

Triple Digit Subtraction Without Regrouping

Our triple-digit subtraction without regrouping worksheets follow the same basic principles as double-digit subtraction without regrouping. It just involves three-digit numbers instead of two.

In these problems, each digit in the number you’re subtracting from is greater than or equal to the number you’re subtracting. This means you can subtract without having to regroup (or borrow from a higher place value).

Triple-digit subtraction without regrouping is a good stepping stone before trying harder problems that involve regrouping. They allow students to gain confidence in math, which makes math more fun.

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Triple Digit Subtraction without Regrouping (Printable PDFs)

In these free triple-digit subtraction worksheets, students will be able to complete the subtraction problems without regrouping. However, to prepare them for regrouping make sure they perform the subtraction from right to left. All worksheets include an answer key.