3rd Grade Geometry

3rd Grade Geometry

Printable shapes worksheets for 3rd Grade Geometry!

Our third-grade geometry worksheets will help your students understand 2D shapes, measuring and classifying angles, area, and perimeter! With over 150 worksheets to choose from, you’ll find enough practice to master all of the following:

  • Identifying different quadrilaterals, different triangles, and various polygons.
  • Measuring and classifying acute, obtuse, right, and reflex angles.
  • Area and perimeter of rectangles, squares, and composite shapes.

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Note: All worksheets include an answer key!

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3rd Grade Geometry Topics (Printable PDFs)

This link takes you to 33 2D shapes worksheets. These start out at a early learning level with identifying quadrilaterals, triangles, and more.

Here, your student will learn how to classify acute, right, and obtuse angles.

Our area and perimeter with square unit worksheets are made for your student to begin learning how to measure the area and perimeter of a shape. Start with the level 1 worksheets and work up from there.

Here your student will begin to learn how to calculate the area and perimeter of squares and rectangles. Start with the introduction worksheets for your 3rd grader and work up to the larger value worksheets when they are ready.

Here you'll find worksheets with composite shapes for your student to calculate the area and perimeter. For your 3rd grader, focus on the introduction worksheets.