Winter Color by Number Pages

Winter Color by Number Pages

Our 16 winter color by number and color by addition coloring pages are just right for young learners!

For preschool and kindergarteners, color-by-number makes learning fun. It allows children to be creative while improving hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Color by number requires focus & attention to detail, which may be extra helpful for struggling students.

Below you’ll find 10 standard color-by-number printables. Then, you’ll find 6 sheets that require students to find a sum before coloring. These are a great next step for students who already know their numbers. We have coloring pages with penguins, sledding, ice skating, polar bears, snowmen and more!

Just download & print! Then, explore our other Math Coloring Pages!

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Winter Color by Number Printable Sheets

Here we’ve provided ten free color-by-number winter activity sheets. In the key, you’ll see that each number is matched with a specific color. Students will find each number in the picture and color its space with the coordinating color. All of these worksheets are free to use and reproduce for at-home and classroom use!

Winter Addition Color by Number Printable Sheets

Here we’ve provided six premium color-by-number winter activity sheets. These worksheets require students to complete a simple addition problem before coloring each section. They also match multiple numbers with a given color. The images include snowmen, children, a cute squirrel, and a bird!