Single Digit Addition Worksheets

Single Digit Addition Worksheets

Welcome to our single-digit addition worksheets! Children often begin learning the basics of addition during preschool or kindergarten by counting objects and recognizing numbers. However, the specific age can depend on the child’s individual development and exposure to math concepts.

As children become comfortable with these foundational skills, they’ll begin adding using objects or pictures. Hands-on activities and visual aids are very useful, especially at this age.

Once children become confident with counting, number recognition, and addition using objects and pictures, educators will introduce them to addition using symbols, like in the worksheets below. Check out our single-digit subtraction worksheets too!

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Single Digit Addition Worksheets - Vertical Format (Printable PDFs)

In these single-digit addition worksheets, your student will practice adding numbers vertically. If they have a hard time just go slow and be patient. If necessary, use objects or a number line until they get more comfortable. Then, encourage them to try adding mentally, without the help of a visual aid.