Scientific Notation Worksheets

Scientific Notation Worksheets

Scientific Notation is a way to read and write numbers faster. It’s an abbreviation. Think of your favorite emoji and what it represents. Odds are that one little emoji says a lot more than just one word. What emojis do for language is what scientific notation does for numbers.

Scientific notation is not just used in math. You’ll find it in physics, chemistry, biology, and more. Knowing how to convert large numbers into scientific notation and understanding what a number written in scientific notion actually is in expanded form are useful skills across differing subject.

Check out our variety of worksheets below to practice scientific notation with both extremely large and small numbers. For more explanation click on the ‘+’ symbol below.

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Scientific Notation Practice (Printable PDFs)

Do you or your student need practice converting more challenging numbers into and out of scientific notation? These worksheets will offer scientific notation practice with numbers greater than and less than one. In scientific notation they will include both positive and negative exponents.