Odd and Even Worksheets for Kindergarten

Odd and Even Worksheets for Kindergarten

These odd or even worksheets for kindergarteners are a great way to teach foundational math concepts in a fun way. They help kids learn to distinguish between odd and even numbers, which is important for building their math skills. These worksheets also encourage critical thinking and problem-solving while making learning enjoyable.

Instruction: If your kindergartener is having trouble understanding the concept of “odd or even” try this: Tell them to try putting the objects into two groups so that each group has the same number of objects in it. Circling the two groups is really helpful.

If they can figure out a way for each group to have the same number of objects then the original number of objects is even. If they can’t make two equal groups say, “Hmm. That’s odd.” Check out our other Kindergarten worksheets, too!

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Odd or Even Math Worksheets (Printable PDFs)

In the odd or even math worksheets below, kindergarten students will practice identifying odd and even numbers. For even numbers, have them circle groups of 2. If all of the given objects end up circled, then the number is even. If there’s one object left out, well that’s just odd. 😉 All of these free worksheets include answer keys!