Kindergarten Graphing Worksheets

Kindergarten Graphing Worksheets

Welcome to our kindergarten graphing worksheets!

Teaching kindergarten students how to read basic bar graphs is important because it helps them develop skills like counting, comparing, and critical thinking.

Early exposure helps children understand more complex data in the future. It also fosters curiosity and prepares them for a world where interpreting visual data is a valuable skill.

In the worksheets below, your student will get practice with both reading and creating bar graphs. Be sure to check out our other Kindergarten Math Worksheets too!

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Kindergarten Graphing Worksheets (Printable PDFs)

In the kindergarten graphing worksheets below, your student will read, analyze, and create their own bar graphs. If their reading and/or writing skills aren’t quite there yet, have them read what they can and try to spell the sounds they hear. Give them a challenge without letting them get discouraged 🙂