Double Digit Subtraction without Regrouping

Double Digit Subtraction without Regrouping

Use our double-digit subtraction without regrouping worksheets before tackling more complex problems that require borrowing (or regrouping). Understanding this simpler form of subtraction will help build confidence and provide a solid foundation for more advanced math skills.

Once your student becomes comfortable with double-digit subtraction without regrouping they’ll progress to problems that require borrowing from the tens place. Eventually, they’ll move to even more complex problems using larger numbers and multiple instances of regrouping.

Be sure to also check out our worksheets for double digit addition without regrouping!

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Double-Digit Subtraction without Regrouping (Printable PDFs)

In these worksheets, your student will practice basic subtraction skills across multiple place values. Make sure they start in the ones column because that routine will make more advanced subtraction problems much easier! All of our worksheets include an answer key!