Distributive Property Worksheets

Distributive Property Worksheets

The distributive property is one of the most useful and widely used processes in mathematics. It helps us to solve and/or simplify expressions in the form a(b+c). To apply the distributive property we take the term on the outside of the parentheses (a) and multiply it by each term on the inside of the parentheses (b and c).

With real numbers this is what distribution looks like: 5(20+2)=5×20+5×2. And with a little bit of mental math we can find that that equals 100+10 or 110!

The distributive property is really useful for breaking down large numbers in order to multiply them, and it shows up all over the place once letters find their way into math. For now, check out our selection of printable worksheets that will help your child or student the basics of distribution!

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Distributive Property (Printable PDFs)

In these “Distributive Property Worksheets,” students will use what they know about the distributive property to fill in the missing values of various number sentences. Some worksheets include a bank of solutions for students to choose from. All worksheets include an answer key.