Counting Worksheets

Counting Worksheets

Welcome to our counting worksheets for preschool and kindergarten students!

Your student will learn to identify, count, and write numbers from 1-20. Our colorful worksheets are meant to make learning fun and build a solid math foundation.

When children learn to quickly identify numbers and count items it makes addition and subtraction much easier to learn. Plus, counting and number identification is foundational for life skills like telling time, sharing, and shopping.

These worksheets are not just first steps for being good at math. They’re first steps for being good at life! Be sure to check out our other Kindergarten Math Worksheets too!

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Counting Worksheets 0-2 and 3-5 (Printable PDFs)

This is a great place to start once your student has learned how to recognize numbers and write them through tracing activities. If that’s something they need more practice with, you can find a variety of activities here: Number Tracing.

Counting Worksheets 6-8 and 9-10 (Printable PDFs)

If your child has mastered writing and counting numbers from one through five, then it’s time to move on. These worksheets will help your child learn to identify, count, and write numbers from 6-10! Keep scrolling for numbers 11-15 and 16-20!

Counting Worksheets 11 - 15 (Printable PDFs)

Now that your student understands how to read, write, and count from 1-10 it’s time to learn the next set of 10! In these worksheets, we’ll start with numbers 11-15. It shouldn’t take long for them to see that the numbers in the ones place are repeating what they’ve already learned by counting from 1-10.

Counting Worksheets 16 - 20 (Printable PDFs)

Let’s cap off our learning by counting from 16-20! If your child can confidently identify, write, and count numbers from 1-20, then it won’t be long before they’re counting up to 100! Watch out. Your child is a learning machine!