Circles Worksheets

Circles Worksheets

Below you’ll find a variety of Circle Worksheets, which are perfect for students and teachers! As you scroll down the page, the difficulty increases.

First, you’ll find worksheets for young learners, which will help them learn what a circle is. Then, you’ll find worksheets for students further along on their geometry journey. Your students will learn to identify parts of a circle and calculate the area and circumference of a circle.

Understanding circles is essential for success in Geometry, and it enhances spatial awareness, critical thinking, and problem-solving. If you’re struggling, our worksheets are here to help!

All of our Circle Worksheets are useable in a classroom or homeschool. Be sure to check out our other Geometry worksheets!

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Introduction to Circles (Printable PDFs)

In the circle activities worksheets below, your student will practice finding, tracing, and coloring triangles. We have also included a fun circle maze worksheet. All worksheets are free to use and reproduce, and they include answer keys.

Identify Parts of a Circle (Printable PDFs)

The radius and diameter worksheets below provide practice finding and writing the radius & diameter of various circles. Remember, the radius is the distance from the center of the circle to a point on the circle. The diameter is the distance across the circle, going through the center. All worksheets include answer keys.

Partitioning Circles (Printable PDFs)

In the circle worksheets below, students will practice partitioning circles. They will look at a picture and decide if it has been partitioned correctly. Then, they will practice partitioning on their own. Partitioning is an important part of understanding and handling fractions. All worksheets include answer keys.

Area and Circumference of Circles (Printable PDFs)

The circumference and area of a circle worksheets below provide practice calculating the circumference and area of various circles. Remember, circumference = 2πr and area = πr². All worksheets include answer keys.