Associative Property of Multiplication Worksheets

Associative Property of Multiplication Worksheets

The “Associative Property of Multiplication” is just a fancy way of saying that when you’re multiplying 3 or more numbers together, you can pick any two to start.

For example: When multiplying 2 x 4 x 5, instead of multiplying 2 x 4 to get 8 and then needing to multiply 8 by 5, you could first multiply 4 x 5 to get 20. Then multiply 20 by 2. The answer will be 40 no matter what!

The associative property of multiplication allows you to pause and ask yourself, “How can I group these numbers together to make the problem easier?”

Being able to apply this multiplication property enhances your problem solving skills and makes you a more critical thinker!

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Associative Property of Multiplication (Printable PDFs)

In these “Associative Property of Multiplication Worksheets,” students will use what they know about the associative property of multiplication to fill in the missing values of various number sentences. Some worksheets include a bank of solutions for students to choose from. All worksheets include an answer key.