Adding with Objects Worksheets

Adding with Objects Worksheets

Welcome to our add with objects worksheets!

Addition is the act of combing two or more numbers. In the worksheets below, students will begin understanding the process of addition by using objects.

Using objects helps students visualize addition. These worksheets will be great for students who are just beginning to learn subtraction and students that would like practice. They’ll also be good for visual or kinesthetic learners. You could also gather physical objects from your classroom or home to make the problems below more hands-on.

For a fun twist, you could even purchase some bear or frog counters. Once your students have mastered these worksheets, check out our other addition worksheets!

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Add with Objects 1-10 (Printable PDFs)

This section of worksheets includes adding to make a sum of 5-10, adding within 10 and identifying how many objects, writing the problem with numbers and solving. Your student will visualize the addition problem and then write down the numerical answer.

Add with Objects 1-20 (Printable PDFs)

After students know how to add to 10, they will move onto adding within a sum of 20. Here there are two style worksheets for your student to visually add numbers up to 20 with circles and objects.