1st Grade Measurement and Graphing Worksheets

1st Grade Measurement and Graphing Worksheets

Welcome to our first-grade measurement and graphing worksheets!

Being able to take accurate measurements and analyze graphs are important life skills. Not only do they allow students to make sense of the world around them. They also increase the likelihood of academic success.

In these 1st grade graphing worksheets, we gently introduce measuring and reading graphs to young students. They’ll practice the concepts of more v. less, tall v. short, and long v. short. Then they’ll compare and measure lengths before reading bar graphs and creating their own!

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Measurement Worksheets (Printable PDFs)

In this section, you’ll find practice comparing objects. Students will circle the object with more or less, that is taller or shorter, and that is longer or shorter. They’ll also compare lengths and measure lengths. Rulers are not needed because the objects used to measure are built right into the worksheets. All worksheets include an answer key!

Graph Worksheets (Printable PDFs)

In these 1st-grade graph worksheets, students will read simple graphs. If they have trouble comparing values, have them write the amount represented by each bar above each bar. You’ll also find worksheets where students will collect data and either create a table or a graph of their own. All worksheets include answer keys!